[help] ULB University French exam for equivalency as a foreign student

I study at ULB Solbosch in Belgium as a foreinger (Albania) to become an engineer. I succeeded in the admission exams, and I enrolled for the equivalence in March, and I sent all the documents on the 9th of July and received a response in August. In August they told me that two papers were not ok. So I sent the right ones ten days later. At the end of October, they answered that all the documents were ok. But in mid-November, they tell me that I should do a French exam. The issue is that there are no available dates for that exam anymore, and they need it before the 15th of December.
It was mentioned nowhere that I needed to send them one, even on the ULB intranet everything was ok. It was said that everything was completed.
The worst thing is that even if I would fail the French exam, they would still accept me because I succeeded in the admission exams. But If I don't do the French exam, I can't stay and study.
I've been dreaming so much about studying here in Belgium to become an engineer. I don't understand how they can tell me on the last moment that I have to do a French exam, and that there is no way to do one before the 15th of December, and that they will kick me out if I can't do it anyway.
What can I do to stay here, anyway? Is this acceptable behaviour from them? Is there a way I can provide them with a French exam that they can accept?
Please help me, I studied so hard for three months, and they are going to kick me out for a worthless French exam!


If this condition has been put to you, it means that part of the courses will be given in French. As a result, it is normal for them to check your knowledge to save you time. And also to deny a possibility to study to another candidate who would fulfill the conditions better than yours.

That you have been informed late, it is regrettable. But it may be a good thing too, because it gives you the opportunity to learn French and to represent for the next academic year a perfect record

Thanks for your response!
The thing is, even if I fail the French exam, they would let me study.

Is there a place where I could have the same kind of French exam or is there some kind of way I can still study there? It is kind of their fault, they should've informed me.

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