Americans with children in Rijeka?

Dear all,

We have spent some time in Croatia and are considering the possibility to move there. If we did, one of us would come with a signed job and the other one would be looking for a job.

We are not American but European, however we have lived all over the world and our children have been to American International schools.

Are there any english speaking schools in Rijeka? We could possibly consider a British curriculum however Croatian or even Italian would be out of the question.

If you do take the time to respond, please also let me know about your life in Rijeka, the posts I found on the subject are from 2013/2014... so not very accurate I am sure.

Thank you for your time,

Eh, there's no English language curriculum in Rijeka. There's only an Italian school but it's connected to Italian minority living there. High schools (gimnazija) have sometimes bilingual classes. I'm not sure if your kids are much fluent in Italian or not. How about private schools, as I know there's a Waldorf one in Rijeka.

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