Hi, am considering moving to Croatia.
My primary concern is an 11 year old daughter, her schooling, safety etc
If there is anyone in a similar boat, I will appreciate contact, discussion and advice

Hi Ben,

Welcome on board  :)

Do you already know in which region/town you would like to relocate ? Have you already found a job or are you currently looking for one, maybe you would like to set up your own business....

What type of school/education system would you like for your daughter ?

There are some basic questions which need to be addressed before we could advise you.

All the best,


I am trying to remain as flexible as possible in terms of areas, as I believe it will depend on where I can best make a living and provide her with schooling

As we are only capable in English for now, I would like to know if there are any public schools where she would be able to enroll vs private schools

Securing employment would obviously be first prize but again I believe the language issue may be a barrier. I do have funds to purchase or start a business - preferably in the tourist hospitality industry

Any insights or advice will be so welcome

Thank you

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