Ping Pong players

Hi everyone, I am looking for anyone who are interested to play ping pong 🏓
I have the table and just need players.
I am living in Mahboula.

Hello alexq8,

You should post a a free advert in order to find fellow ping pong players, here: Sport partners in Kuwait.

Good luck,


Hey AlexI I'm interested. Just tell me when and where and I'm in!!  :)

@alexq8 I am mahabula i am interested to play table tennis please cantact me ***

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Hello @Ananthakannan A

This this an old thread (2019)...You might find players by participating on more recent threads of the forum.

Take care,

@alexq8  hi. Are you still playing ping pong ? Where ?

@alexq8  I meant to ask when

@alexq8 hello. Still I Kuwait?

Hi I play ping pong and I am looking for a partner. Please text me

Hello M Azad and A H 7,

So, you both are looking to play ping pong.... why don't you play together ?



@Bhavna I texted him. If u r in Kuwait, Please join us

hi, I would like to join


i am moving to Kuwait in October and interested in joining you. I believe I will be living in Salmiya, not sure how far you are but I will have a vehicle.

I can be contacted on WhatsApp and number is ‪+44 ***‬ if you want to contact.


Ian Bennett

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Hi All,I am living in Kuwait Kuwait Salmiya looking someone to play with me Badminton if any one interested please contact me.

Hello Ismail,

Welcome to the forum!

You can create an advert on Kuwait classifieds>Activities> Sports partner. This may increase your chances of finding a suitable badminton partner1f609.svg


Yoginee team

@ismailkw81 I am interesting

good to hear from you @Basit sure we will play