If you want to play Soccer/Football, register here.


Since there are multiple posts here and there (old and new), I think this would be the post to go to for anyone interested in playing soccer with a group.

If you're interested, let me know your preferred time in the week, and if we get enough players we can play our first game next week.


Where are you going to play?


please let me know if there is a group i can join to play soccer here in kuwait.

thank you

i still cant get a game going? this is getting challenging to organize if you dont know many people around.

i can join also. i have a team also if u want to play against

I would like to join, if possible

In addition to the activity, it is a game where our chiquitines develop a high sense of fellowship and solidarity in soccer game. They will know the importance of helping others and understand that friends are one of the great keys to happiness.

Hello i m in kuwait just for 3 months but i would like to play football. Tell me if you still play there

I would also like to know if this is still going?

Hey guys, i'm interested by playing football wih you
mp me if you want :)

Anybody still playing football/soccer in Kuwait?


Are you still playing soccer in Kuwait? If so, when and where?


Hello sir I want to enjoy and play football I don't have a team here in Ghana


anyone who wants to play soccer
contact *** (whatsapp only )

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I want to play. Let me know ***

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yes we do

guys I am having a team we usually play friendly matches twice a week in khaitan. we are look for some player to complete our team. is anyone interested please msg me


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