Shipping to Sydney Australia

I am a French and US Citizen who made enough money to retire at the age of 40 and I am planning to relocate to Sydney, rent a place and live there for a few years.
Being a world traveler, I have so many items from different parts of the world along with my other personal items and I hope to bring them all to Australia.
I have done some research and find below the list of the items which are not allowed;
It is saying any type of wood are not allowed and most of my antique furniture is made of wood. I tried to find a very specific answer as far as regulation on these items but could not really have a clear confirmation.
Does anyone here know how I can bring my antique furniture to Sydney even if the material being used are wood? These are very expensive items and I am not ready to give up on them!
Is Australia really that restricted as far as wood ?

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Yes Australia is very strict on what can be shipped into the country. You can contact the Australian authorities about this.

Wooden articles can be fumigated in Australia upon arrival at your expense.

Any good shipping company could arrange this for you.

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