Uber, Taxi, or car rental, for Puerto Plata trip of 7 days?

I have been to RD twice this year, and absolutely loved it. I am returning for a week, and plan to see the area of Puerto Plata.

Are transport services such as Uber prevalent enough to where I can get around any time of the day? Are they affordable?  Or should I rent a car? I rented a car on my last trip, and the insurance cost was OUTRAGEOUS. It was double the cost of my plane ticket. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy having the freedom of driving your own vehicle. However, if I can get around just as easily with public transportation, I will go that route. The insurance costs an arm and a leg.

I don't plan on going any further from the city than 30 minutes. I plan on doing more beach hopping, bar hopping, and Airbnb hopping. But I don't want to have to wait 45 minutes for an Uber to arrive either. What are your thoughts on an efficient and economical way of getting around for these 7 days?

Where are you coming from - if USA - get a credit card that has rental insurance and you'll be covered. I always rent from Alamo and have had no problems at POP. Sorry no idea about the Uber situation. Maybe Turo (app) for rental as well?

Check to make sure that iyour credit card nsurance will cover you in the DR, as some cards may have exclusions based on the accident rate of the country.  Our rentals have included the insurance, and 3rd party liability for an extra $2-4 per day based on the vehicle.  The big names gouge you on the insurance, it seems, we've found better prices with smaller firms, but make sure the insurance is included.

We know a couple great driver services. English speaking, reliable, and fair priced. PM me if you want the name.

OK Car Rental.... Sosua / Cabarete has a good reputation - I hear

Airport pickup incl

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