Cost of motortaxi

Anyone know motortaxi cost in Boca chica?

Not for there, but the north shore cost for around town in daytime is 25rd, nightime it is 50pesos. Long distance negotiate the price.  Puerto Plata/ Sosua/ Cabarete etc.

Starting price is 50 pesos for short trips. I recommend confirming the cost prior to using mototaxi services.

Sosua, day  25 pesos, nights 50 pesos. Up to about the confines of town.  Negotiate for longer distance.

I agree. Confirm or negotiate the price prior to using the mototaxi.

How about guard guard cost?

security companies charge about 20,000 pesos a month for 3 shift of armed guards. This is for one home or medium sized business in the Sosu/Cabarete area.

Sorry auto correct, ment gua gua

I should have guessed that considering the  context.  They are cheap too. Usually less than $2 between town on the noth shore.  Jammed in with many others.  Mini bus from Sosua to Cabrera is about $4 ( over a two hour trip).  Public transportation is cheap.

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