Renting out properties in Bulgaria (Sunny beach) and cost of living

Hi All,
I was hoping someone could assist me. I have a couple of properties in Sunny Beach I wish to rent out in holiday resorts. At present myself and my partner live in the UK but are wanting to relocate in a few years and manage the renting, cleaning etc ourselves after we have hopefully acquired enough property to live of the rental income.  Has anyone done this and is it viable. I have been advised 20,000 is a good amount of income to live in Bulgaria for a year for a couple? Can anyone recommend any companies to use in the area for renting out the properties while we are in the UK?
Thanks in advance.

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I suggest you could advertise the properties in the housing section top of this page.

For living costs I use

20000 what ? 20000E or GBP will be good enough, 20000lv might be too small.
Renting out in Sunny Beach .... During Jul/Aug no problem, but will that be good enough ?
I could imagine, property in some area, where full-year rent is possible, might be more profitable.
In case you invest in Burgas, I might be tempted to change my flat :-)

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