University payments in Kharkiv

I'm an italian who had already studied one year of medicine in France. I didn't pass my first year so I wanted to continue in the Kharkiv medical University .
The university sent me an email that I've been accepted but they gave really a lot of payments to make.
Here is the list of them :
Tuition fees : 4800 $
Admission fees : 450$
Medical insurance : 250$
Registration : 200$
Airport pick up: 200$
Coordinating company service charges : 600$

And I want to now if every student pay all that for the first year
Please if anyone knows about that , I really need a reply.
Thank you

Hi airport to university 10 grivna on the bus... Check out the figures!!!!! Double check
Good luck

I go Kharkov regularly. Sound expensive your letter

forza juve all the best to you goto to metalist 1925.good team good people all Kharkov good people but some as everywhere after yer money same as italia England

Yeah it sounds expensive but when I've asked the university they've told me that I'm obliged to pay all that. Do you know in that case a student there in kharkiv who could possibly give me more information about all the payments?

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