NIE question - Finding work before moving to Spain

Hi there,

Apologies if this question has been asked before - I've tried looking but not found anything with my exact situation.

I am planning to move to Zaragoza at the end of this year, I am a UK national with an application in process for Irish citizenship, though that's more than 6 month's away from completion.

I would like to start applying for work before I move, I need to work 3 month's notice at my current employer so I am ready to start applying now.

I believe I need an NIE number and have been doing some research into what's required, but I am getting mixed messages from various sites:

- I understand its possible to apply whilst still living in the UK, via the consulate (London is closest to me);

- I have read that if applying via the consulate I don't need to provide evidence of my reason for applying (Spanish Property Insight). This suits me as at the moment I don't have a job offer and would be staying with my partner's family who are Spanish nationals, not renting or buying, so I have no evidence;

- However, when I visit the consulate website, I'm told

"Please do not apply through this Consulate if your reason is one of the following: You intend to live in Spain; Seasonal work

The N.I.E. and certificates of non residence (certificados de No Residencia) are only issued by the Police in Spain.

You can only apply for a non resident N.I.E. through this Consualte. The N.I.E. is only a fiscal number to pay taxes for economic purposes.
" (Spanish Consulate in London)

It would be great to hear if anyone has a similar experience or any advice.

Many thanks in advance.

This is based on  the pre Brexit situation.   What will happen Post Brexit.  at present no one knows

You can apply for work without an NIE.

If you move to spain, so that would be if you come here with the intention of seeking work, or taking up a job offer, you need to apply for EU Citizen Registration.   Having a job or a job offer means you will have health cover and sufficient income.  Without such you would need to prove those

If at that point you already have an NIE, then that will appear on your reg cert.   If you did not have one then you will be assigned one  and that will appear on the cert.  There is no reason to apply for an NIE if you intend applying for the reg cert

Having or not having an NIE confers no advantage or disadvantage when you come to apply for EU Citizen Registration

Hi Johncar,

Thanks for your quick response and apologies for my delayed reply.

I'm assuming that I can't apply for EU Citizen Registration until I have physically moved to Spin, is that right?

Therefore, whilst in the UK I can begin applying for work in Spain without the EU registration, and then put the registration and NIE applications in motion once a job offer has been received.

Basically, there is no additional groundwork I need to do until I accept a job offer or have moved to Spain, whichever comes first, is that right?

Thanks again

Yes GG that’s about it

Best wishes. John

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