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We recently bought a house in Costa del sol. We plan to move permanently to Spain before Brexit. We are now trying to sort out our residency but this is proving difficult. There are no appointments available to register as one needs an online appointment called cita.
We have done our other registration like padron and NIEs. Is this enough?
Can anyone suggest an agency in Malaga region to use to register self employment for us.
We worried what will happen to us after Brexit if we are not already registered.


I live near Malaga, my only thought is that you may need a Gestoria.  If they apply for things you get a receipt from them which holds good as evidence.

My Gestoria is:

However if you google Gestoria where you live you may find an English speaking one nearer to you.

Good luck, if I can help mere just contact me, I have been living here for 13 years



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From what you say you are probably British.

Having an NIE  and /or being on the padrón are of no advantage when applying for EU Citizen Registration,. In fact, one should only be on the padrón once they are RESIDENT in a town. That is what the padrón is, a list of those, not a list of property owners.

If one does not have an NIE when applying for EU Citizen Reg,  one will be assigned. It will the number which appears on the certificate   There is no reason to apply separately for an NIE in such circumstances.

OK.  When you go online if the police station you require is not shown, as you seem to have discovered, it means that at that moment there are no appointments available.  However, I am assured by both applicants and by agents that if you keep trying one can become available, maybe quite soon.

I have been given to understand by the Extranjería of the National Police that agents are treated the same as applicants: They are not afforded any priority when applying for appointments.

NB      Most people applying do not pay agents, gestors etc.,  as the process is reasonably straightforward, and there is info online in English too.

This may help people applying for EU Citizen Registration or others who just need an NIE, to buy a property, open a bank account etc.


As you go through you will find links to the application forms and the payment, at any bank, form

.•            GO TO

•             PROVINCES AVAILABLE:       CHOOSE the province where your are living/ staying


              e.g.    “policía  certificado de residente o no residente”  (that includes NIE application)

•             ENTER THE DETAILS OF APPLICANT. if you have an NIE show that, if not then show your passport number

•            CHOOSE NATIONAL POLICE STATION FOR APPOINTMENT:      The one that covers the area where you are living - staying


•             You must PRINT A COPY OF THE APPOINTMENT,   And take it with you to the police station

NB   If the police station you require is not shown, it means there are no appointments available, try again later

You can find info here in english about completing the EX15.    The EX18 is pretty much the same. … 0GUIDE.pdf

Thanks John but the only police registration in  Malaga have had no appointments since mid July this year. Unfortunately that is the only option as a British citizen you are limited to applying via one portal exclusively  for Brits. Any attempt to try a different portal for EU citizens you will not find the UK listed there as a country to tick. Instead you will be redirected to thesame portal that does not have an appointment available.
This is frustrating due to deadline for Brexit.
I even tried to show up in person but they won't attend to you without a cita.
Yes John, in Andalucía specifically Malaga region you now need to present your padron certificate as a requirement to register amongst other documents required.

Thank you.

I have made enquires at the Extranjeria. 

It would appear you did not follow my guidance so went the page which was set up in March when Brexit was about to happen.  As that page is not in operation there is no possibility to make an appointment there.

If you follow my guidance,  there is no portal option re nationality, you will be able to make an appointment. 

  I have just spoken to three people who have appointments this morning who made them in past couple of weeks using my guidance

Good luck   John

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