Looking to make new friends!

hey everyone!
I've just recently moved to valencia a few months ago and am looking to widen my circle of friends. Looking to meet people of a similar age that fancies meeting up at weekends for drinks etc. Also keen to try new things like tennis/squash and other sports so if any one is interested it'd be great to hear from you!

HI, I'm from Valencia, i'm 25. I like sports. What about you? Where did you live before?

Hi, Can we be friends and get to know of each other more.  Thank you.

@ hakihito > could you please introduce yourself? Are an expatriate in Valencia?

Thank you,

Dear Christine,
I am Sabina,and new here.
Have question:Are you organizing any meetings-get together between members?
Thank you

Dear all

I am student at UV. we can arrange and meet to know each other

see ya

I'm moving to Valencia on the 20th of August and am looking for new friends as well. I will be renting an apartment on Avenida Giorgeta, which is apparently about 10 minutes from the centre. I am a 29 year old primary teacher and will be teaching at the British College of La Cañada.I'm German and am currently working and living in London. Prior to moving to London, I have lived in America, Italy, Spain, England and Egypt for the past ten years.I enjoy travelling, chatting to people from around the world, shopping, going to festivals, learning new languages and hanging out at the beach and in cafés and bars.I am a bilingual English and German speaker and would like to study Spanish whilst in Valencia. Please drop me a message if you want to meet up.

Hi new2valencia,
I'm new too, arrived July 21.  Don't know your age but I suspect at 55 I'm double yours.  (But don't worry I have 3 daughters in college stateside!)   Anyway I'm interested in meeting people to explore Valencia with, have lots of energy and am pretty OK with the Spanish (after 4 years living in Buenos Aires), however they speak sooo fast here and the Catalan throws me! 

My biggest challenge currently is trying to decide which barrio/neighborhood to live-in, HELLPPP!
Am targeting something close to centro viejo but not in it, near parks, bikepaths, good transportation, many many cafes/restaurants, for example the areas called Ensanche, Ruzafa, near metro-stop Aragon, near metro stop Facultat, or near el parque botanico.  Do you (or others lurking here) have any opinions or recommendations??

Saludos cordiales y Welcome (us) to Valencia!
Jim (aka JayKayTee)

Hi, I live in Burjassot ...about 15min metro ride to the city if youy are still looking to make more friends I am closer to your age !

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Hey guys am sophie am new to this blog!

Hi, I'm Amy, 24, from England.  Just moved to Valencia for work (but have been teaching in Spain for the past year) and don't know anyone so if anyone wants to go for a drink/the beach or something, let me know :)

Hi There,
I saw your post and thought I would reply. I too am a primary teacher but will not be working while in Valencia. I am married with 3 young children and am looking to meet new friends. I heard great things about the school you will be teaching at, however I wanted my kids in an all Spanish speaking school so we will not be attending there. If you'd like to connect, to head to the beach on the weekends or grab a coffee some time that would be great.

Hi I'm sophie, I've just moved to Valencia from England for a year and don't really know anyone yet. It would be great to meet some new people in the area :)

Hola a todos! I just moved to Valencia a couple weeks ago and it would be nice to meet some friendly people. I like to go see and experience fun new things, see the city, go to the beach or dinner/bars/clubs etc. All ideas are welcome. My email is [email protected] if anyone wants to contact me.

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Hi, my name is Katie. I moved to valencia a month ago to teach and will be here for at least the next year. If anyone fancies meeting up for any of the above please contact me! My email is [email protected] . Also, if anyone plays tennis and would like to go for a game please let me know :)

hi im juleeuse. filipino.. im going to valencia for vacation.. anyone wanna go hangout with me.. walkaround.. coffe.. relax.. anything.. --ill be there staring from dec 11-14. 2014..