Looking for new friends in Valencia

Hello, My name is Mercedes and I'm 32. I lived five years in Germany and I have recently returned to Valencia, so I would like to meet new people to get out and do sport. I speak English, German and Spanish. Are u interested?

Hello Mercedes, welcome to Valencia! Do you know internations.org ? You can get to know people from all nationalities there- every month a meet-up. Check their page etc. And let me know if you need somebody (me?) to introduce you there...

Great! :)

Normally you can just sign up and join for free (no need for introduction anymore I think..) just check their website. I just did again.

Hello Chrine and mercedes,

Why not organising a meet-up here with the other members of the forum? If you have a definite date, time and location in mind, I invite you to post your suggestions here ;)

Thank you

Expat.com Team

Do check the internations page, (internations.org)
there is an expat valencia brunch coming up coming Sunday :-)

Or check the Facebook page "expats in valencia" Hope to see you all soon....

That's too bad, next sunday is my birthday and I'm invited to Andorra so I won't be here.
But to organize a meet-up during or after fallas could be a great idea.

Happy Birthday and have fun in Andorra. Did you sign up for the expats in VLC group on FB? See you there :-)

Not yet but I will. Thanks :)

heyyy my interests are languages, piano, guitar, football, beach volleyball, i would like to meet others with similar interests to do these things together!


I have been living in Valencia for the past 20 months and have made some lovely expat friends. Unfortunately most of them have returned home after a year of international teaching so I am looking for like minded people who are planning to stay in Valencia for a while as saying goodbye is getting quite difficult. Let me know if you would like to meet sometime.


hi i plan to stay !! and i am loking to meet as many newbies as poss! :)

I arrive in Valencia on 4th August and i am also looking to meet some new people as I do not know anybody there at the moment.  I also intend to be in Valencia for a long time (over 2 years).  It would be good to meet people if they are up for it!

hi do you speak any spanish? you are english? whats your favourite footy team and hobbies?

hi there, i am planning to stay here long term and i would like to meet as i too am losing all my erasmus buddies, please get in touch with me!

Hi there, yes I speak a little Spanish - this is part of the reason for me living in Valencia so I can improve.  I have bought myself a season ticket for Valencia however I am a fan of Aston Villa FC as I am from Birmingham in UK.  I enjoy playing football and lots of other sports such as tennis, golf, running.  I also enjoy going out and socialising.  I have just finished a Masters Degree in International Business and an Undergraduate Degree in Politics and Economics (both of these were from UK institutions).  How about you? what are your hobbies? Do you have Facebook perhaps we could speak further on there?


n ireland uni, french and spanish degree,, lIverpool is my team, brendan rodgers from my town.. but they have always been my team my dad looks like ian rush haha, yeh i have a ball and we play here a lot. facebook look for [email protected]

Hi there, My name is Leon. I just arrived in Valencia a week ago. Looking to get acquainted with English speaking expats here. Are there any weekly meetups for food and drinks?