Meeting new people...

So i recently moved to Lliria on the outskirts of Valencia, I've been here since November and I'm yet to meet anyone...specially someone around the same age....I'm actually going crazy constantly in the house....whats the best way to meet anyone, go out for a beer or something to eat....and just get to know new people? xx

Hey Ian
My wife and I live in Cullera which is south of Valencia on the coast. What brought you to Lliria?
We completely understand your frustration. We moved here in August and didn't have friends for a little while and were quite bored.

I know how you feel. When I first moved here from Canada it was hard to meet people. I don't live where you are but if you ever come to the city centre of Valencia I would be happy to meet up with you. I know where to get the best cocktails! Email me if you like.

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seems the (at) sign in my email address doesnŽt translate in the reply box. Use the at sign in my email address not the word. He, He


I am living in Valencia, so that's quite far away! I am living here with friends (20-23), and we are all Dutch but we speak English ;)

If you come to Valencia you can always contact me!


Hi, have a look on facebook at the ex pats in Valencia page to connect with people

Hi all, it's really nice to see a supportive people out there who share similar feelings. I'm moving to Valencia city mid august and have same worries about not meeting anyone (although my work will keep me busy during the week). Made the decision to move to Spain for a better quality of life and to do a job I love. If anyone wants to befriend social 27 year old, let me know! Cheers  :cheers:

I have pinpointed Lliria as somewhere to move to this year or next. Metro connections, property prices and pretty town. I just wondered if a year on whether finding people to socialise with had improved?
Any other town suggestions greatly appreciated, back out in March to look around more.
I may be 48, but I'm a festival going rock chick and still very young at heart...
It is scary, but something I've wanted to do for many years.