Hi from Valencia

Hi everyone,

We are a family of 4, with two children, our 11 year old son and our daughter who is 3 now. We are trying to raise our children bilingual Spanish English, not being English one of our mother tongues, by exposing them to the English language, TV, music, speaking English at home and spending time with other English speakers.
We look forward to meeting English speaking people in order to exchange culture and language, so if you are an expat living in Valencia and looking for the same or you are planning to come to Valencia and you need any help, let us know and we'll try to give you a hand.

see you around!

Hi Gdaddy,

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Thank you Sarah!!

I discovered the site and felt the need to register and introuce myself without really knowing the different sections.
I'll have a deep look as soon as I can.

take care!

Hi Valencia, We are from the states and may be moving there soon. Do you know if the American School of Valencia is a good school? Do you know of anyone who will help me navigate finding school and apartment? I am set to travel there alone this weekend. Thank you

Hi Kruchensky,

I don't know if the ASV is a good school (I'm sure someone here may tell you about it) but it is the only option if you are looking for the school system you have in the States. If you are just looking for an English school you can have a look at the Caxton College http://www.caxtoncollege.com/en/home.html and the BSV http://www.bsvalencia.com/

ASV and Caxton are in Puçol, 20km north of Valencia, where I'm sure you can find both houses and apartments.
BSV is in Valencia City.
I don't know yet If we'll be here during the weekend.

Thank you American school was full. I will look at the others. If you are there Sunday or Monday please send me a message!

Hi All,
We just landed in Valencia and are in temporary housing until our apartment is ready. We also have 2 boys and a little girl about to start school and are hoping we get our first choice, a public primary school We are looking to connect with others as well. We come from the states and have a great command of the English language and are learning Castellano. We would love to hear from those who have been here a bit a know the ropes.
Many Thanks,

We just landed in Valencia. What part of town are you in?

I am hoping to come to yalencia  over the winter and would appreciate meeting people and improving my Spanish. Please keep in touch as I would love to help with improving your English, I  am a 66 year old family man from Yorkshire in England. My name  is Ray and my mail is [email protected]

Hi my name is nikita and I m from india and moving soon to spain valencia pls any one help me for finding home and job I m new to valencia I don't know anyone there so pls anyone help me

hola, i'm Nacho a spanish teacher with a lot of experience teaching spanish to english speaking  people on the cheap. I also can help you with the paper work here in Valencia, feel free to get in touch with me at : ********

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Hola, we are a family of 5, our children are 11, 10 & 7.  We are available for meeting up for language exchange if you are still interested.  We are living in Valencia originally from Dublin, Ireland.