Get rid of current sponsor..


My name is M.A. Hameed from india, hyderabad, deccan, i came saudia in 2015 to till date i am surviving, i need your support how to get rid of sponsorship, my story is that i had left earlier sponsor in April 2019 and june 1st i joined a establishment which is not having any office, no manpowers, no any facility to work, only my job is to bring work from companies and sub contract, long story short, sponsor is telling me that i will take you in court, because you didn't bring any sale in your probationary period, i spent lots of money to you like transfer amount, iqama renewal, housing, salary, rental car rentnof 2 months and blab blab..he hold my salary and tell me that without this if you can give me after eid its better, if you failed you have to pay me 3000 riyal everyday of two months.

This is my story now i dont have money even to survive for food here in saudia, i need somebody can help me out with this sponsor and show me the path for my betterment, allah may peace be upon you..

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