Safety of expat women in Jubail

Dear All,
I would like to ask about daily life of  expat women in Jubail. How much they are safe when their husband leave to work??
Suppose she will go to market/ to drop her kid to school/go for any vegetable shop etc and face any mistreatment/misconduct/misbehaved etc then what action she can take??

Whether police will give protection in such cases??

What is the emergency no??

Whether expat are seen in a neglected eye here?? Or they have the same rights as Saudi people....

Please answer if any idea....

Welcome to Jubail.

Its safe to stay at Jubail until you are living in a family building.
You only need to wear abaya whenever you go outside. We see many women going for shopping and its safe and sound.

Police is very strict in terms of women safety. You can call 999 in case of emergency.


As mentioned before, it is safe for women and police takes action.

On your second question regarding rights of Saudis vs. expats; they are not the same.  A Saudi will ALWAYS be preferred/treated better for literally anything vs. an expat.  The degree of discrimination will vary depending on your nationality - if you are a westerner or rather an American, you get very close to a Saudi in terms of treatment; as an Indian or Pakistani, the gap is huge. Get used to that.

Oh...In sah allaha...Thanks for this loud msg.

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