How to delete Saudi engineering council profile

I am newly registered and have not paid any fees yet, how can I delete my Saudi engineering council  profile.

I made a mistake I want to delete profile , then I will make new one.

Did you find the solution? I am facing same issue.

I also want to delete the profile as by mistake i chose registered by engineer rather than how to change membership of account from engineering account to technician account or how to delete the account

Profession change from engineering profession to non-engineering (Technician) profession:
Any expat who enter the Kingdom with an engineering profession visa, and applied to SCE, but rejected due to non-compliance, should apply for profession change to an appropriate non-engineering profession through the Labor Office. A temporary approval for 10 days will be granted for the legal process upon submission of a written agreement by the employer.

Deleting SCE Account:
If you are newly registered and have not paid any fees yet, you can delete your SCE profile.
Read this link.
Can I Delete my Profile in SCE?

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