Divorcing in Oman

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Reaching the decision to seek divorce can be hard. Filing the papers as an expat in Oman can be as taxing since a good grasp of legislations is needed and the process can prove to be tedious.

Where and how do you apply for a divorce in Oman? How long does it take for the process to be completed?

If the couple has children, which measures can be taken in order to protect their interests?

Which procedures should be completed so that the divorce is legally recognized in the country of origin?

How is divorce viewed in Oman?

Being away from one's home country and loved ones, what advice do have for staying strong emotionally and mentally in this situation?

Thanks for sharing your experience.


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Simply call to ROP or google it to find more information . either hire an adovate to fix it

I did it many years back..by email with a lawyer back in my home country through correspondence after visiting my home country I initially set it up. Didnt bother with anything here too much hassle.

Stay strong spiritually trust in ur higher power or ur God of ur understanding..stay in the now ..it really is just a day at a time have faith a day at a time  u will get thru it step by step ..sometimes an hour by hour..do.ur best n leave the rest to God..or watever one believes in higher power etc..we can only go through it step by step. Tajes some time n patience..n with good friends and spiritual people around us, coz I had no family here either so...it was a  bit tough some days but it had to be done. Seek a counsellor too if necessary. Theres a wonderful relationship counsellor in polyclinic near Hatat house  on way to ruwi  ... her name is Anuyha. It's best to get as much support as possible through this and especially if u have kids too.Theres always a way out..be strong just do the best n leave the rest to God..our higher power is there to help....us we just take action n leave the outcomes to our  higher power.

Hope that helps


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