Can any one tell me about OLD NATIONAL BANK in USA ?

If you enter this website address below you find the website running displaying  OLD NATIONAL  Bank. ( A )

If you enter the website address below you find the website running displaying  OLD NATIONAL  Bank.  ( B )

Both of the Bank are the same name but display is different. Address is same & tel  number same
( A )
Your Nearest Banking Center is:
One Main St
Evansville, IN 47708
T: (812) 464-1425

( B )
Old National Banking Center
Old National Bank
One Main St
Evansville, IN 47708
T: (812) 464-1425

In the ( A )  bank an online account was opened in my name and some deposit was entered to facilitate on line Banking.
When I try the ( B ) website to log in it does not accept my user name and password. But in  ( A ) website
I can log in with user name and password.

Can any one answer why is it so ?
My question is that the Bank name is same, so you should be able to log in with both the website .

Thanks for understanding.


There is a website, bit it was registered in January of this year - A bad sign, but not definite.

The site uses stock images from the internet - Very unusual for a bank

The bank's real site, created in 1996, is oldnational.com

Questions -

Did you open an account?

However, it's unlikely you did as the site you gave is a scam site.

By the way, if the scam site asked for personal details such as address, date of birth, and all the other usual stuff, there's a fair chance it's identity theft.
If they want any other bank details you have accounts with, they're probably going to try to access your accounts to clean you out (It's shocking how many people use the same log in details for all their banks) - If you did and have, change the log in details immediately

Dear Mr Fred,

Yes, you have probably diagnosed rightly that it is an identity theft. Yes the Bank asked me  to send my personal details, address, date of birth, copy of Passport etc, and I did sent them, they opened an online account with money deposit. After log in I can see the balance in my account. But transfer process was not successful as it asked for COT CODE. I began to doubt it as I could not transfer money on line as the the Bank Manager Mrs Vivian Mark asked me to pay USD 1000 in advance for COT CODE ( Cost of Transfer Code ). I asked the Bank manager  to give me time to discuss with the  charity money donator Mrs Lisa Robinson. I contacted   Mrs Lisa Robinson , she replied to me that she is in the Hospital for cancer treatment and cannot do anything, She rather advised me to follow the Bank  instruction to pay the remittance money to get the money transfer successful. She also mentioned in the reply that she got another same complain from Philipine.  In the mean time I sent query to the OLD NATIONAL bank of other website https://www.oldnational.com/. They did not reply me yet.
Thanks for you comment.


The thousand Dollars is likely to be their main target, but ID theft is also a possibility.

If you gave any passwords or other login details you use for any other bank, change them immediately and it wouldn't hurt to report the possible ID theft to your own bank just in case the scammers try to rip you off by accessing your account.
It's unlikely they'll manage to get past a bank's security, but you could find catalogue/mail order companies sending you bills as many of them have limited security checks.

I've also sent an email to the legitimate bank in order to make them aware their name is being used by scammers.

Dear Mr Fred,

After you wrote  reply to this thread  I checked with previous website address
then I found OLD NATIONAL website not coming any more. Then I sent email to the
depositor Lisa Robinson. She replied to me that she contacted the Bank to send me
the deposit receipt. Today I have received the deposit voucher of $ 1,200.000. They gave me new address to locate the Bank as below:


I tried this website, and it is appearing the website again. So these scammers shifted the website
to other location by new address.
I can see the  balance also by log in  and password.
They are waiting for my remittance of $ 1000.
Now what is your advice ?

saeedmdali         29  July 2019

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