Money exchange in us banks


How much is the exchange rate of Euro to USD compared to inter-banks rate in the USA?
I have Euro in cach and I am looking where is the best place to exchange.
If I open a Euro bank account in USA, do I get a better change rate when I pay with a credit card?

thanks for any help.

You can go to the banks' websites and they will tell you what their exchange rate is. I bank with Wells Fargo, and their exchange information can be found here:

Other banks have similar pages that tell you their exchange rates. I am not sure about opening Euro accounts in the US. I have never attempted to open an account using anything other than USD. I don't know if it is possible or not. If you want to keep some of your cash in EUR, you can always keep it in a foreign account if a US bank doesn't let you keep it in EUR.

At a first glance, it seems that wellsfargo only sell foreign currency and doesn't buy it from customers, because I can't find any buying rates. It sells Euro with 0.07 $ benefits compared to inter-bank todays echange rate, so i guess it is bought with same benefit marge.
Thanks anyway.

I think the term to use, if I understand your question correctly, is "exchange" your Euros.  In 2009, I returned from an European trip and brought home Euros and some other foreign currency.  I researched and found out that Bank of America would "exchange" my foreign currency for USD. They charge you an "exchange" fee, of course. I do not have a clue what that fee costs today.

I hope this helps!


The exchange rate changes constantly.  Nothing we say here will ever remain accurate.  But there are a million websites where you can get the latest numbers.