Accommodation between KL and Puchong

Hi all,

I'm moving to Malaysia in January 2020 to work in an area called Puchong. I've visited KL and really loved the city but from my research, Puchong seems to be quite far from the centre of KL. I was wondering if anyone here knows any areas where there's accommodation available in between the two, so areas where it's easy to access both Puchong and KL, particularly by public transport? This would be in my best interest rather than maybe staying in Puchong itself, unless anyone can convince me otherwise! If it makes things easier, the specific area is Bandar Puteri Puchong. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Also, any insight regarding Puchong will be appreciated too. Thank you

Hi, probably you can target on Petaling Jaya area which near MRT station, easy for you travel between Puchong & KL city centre.

Any specific areas in Petaling Jaya? From my research it seems the easiest thing will just be to rent in Puchong. A little further away from KL as I would like but it's the most convenient

There is a great place that you can hang out near Bandar Puteri Puchong (BPP) called Setia Walk. You can google it - a lot of eateries etc and also about 1 km away is the IOI area.  There are quite a lot of residences around the area and the LRT runs right past Puchong.  A lot depends on specifics such as how much do you want to spend on accomodation? entertainment?  what sort of entertainment etc ... I live along Puchong Road and I hardly ever like to travel to KL city.  What is your budget eg for a month's rental?  You can get it for as low as RM 1000 per month for a 1000 sq ft condo (Vista Millenium) or much higher ones right in Setia Walk itself.

Hi Victor,

Thank you for your reply. It's really helpful. I will take a look at the Setia Walk area and see if there is anything suitable for me. I would say my budget is around 1600 per month but I am willing to go a hundred or two higher if I need to or if something really catches my eye. My reasoning for wanting somewhere that is easily accessible to KL is simply because I really enjoyed KL when I visited. I assume I'd be able to shop for all my necessities in Puchong, but I enjoy visiting landmarks and sights which KL has a lot of. Also, I would be interested in going on excursions to different cities in Malaysia at weekends. As KL is such a big transport hub I assume it would be ideal to live close by.

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