I live in Armenia Quindio and want to get to know ex-pats

I am married and living peacefully here in Armenia. I would like to make friendly contact with persons who share similar interests: current affairs, art & photography, literature, religious & metaphysical studies, philosophy & ethics.

Formerly from Colorado I have lived many years in Latin America, speak fluid Spanish (on parle français aussi). Background in English and Spanish literature, philosophy, etc.

Get in touch if friendly social interaction and interchange interests you.

Lyle Bright

Hi Lyle -  You picked a great location to relocate.  I have not been to Armenia but my best friend here in El Retiro- Antioquia (near Medellin) is from there.  Fittingly he has the 'Aroma Coffee Shop' here in town.  We have many "Interest" in common much of which has bearing on Major Issues currently in the Headlines in the States.  I wrote about the Global Threat of Islam in 2004, after much research, trying to understand the 'Mind-Set' hence motivation of 9 Muslim Men who flew Jets into the NY Trade Towers on 9/11, 2001.  I will not say more here as I can easily turn one sentence into an hour's presentation.  I'll save that in case we meet. 

Sounds like you and your wife enjoy a quiet, leisurely life.  If you are into Holistic Wellness and Fitness ... you might have an interest in growing Wheatgrass for its magic juice.  I am 78 years old and in perfect health thanks to God and Nature. 

Gotta Go.  Let me know if you have interest in my current '3Rs Rescue Mission' for At-Risk Kids and our Environment.  Life is exciting.

Hey LyleBright
I am in Armenia. And I have an expat friend from California here in Armenia. Coffee?

Hello there. I think I responded to a message of yours from sometime back.

If I am not mistaken I sent an pm through this forum.

I will try again. PM.

And yes, coffee would be great.


Check your private messages.

There you will find my cellphone. Call, text or WhatsApp.



Hi Lyle, my name is Javier Mike Medrano I've been here 2yrs with my wife Gloria. Currently moving from Armenia to Calarca. We are remodeling our home at the moment. Arts & Photography is also one of my passions. Let do coffee sometime Lyle.

Hello there. Thanks for reaching out. Let me know how to get in touch.



Hello again. Uncertain how this forum works which I use infrequently. I think I sent you a pm but can’t seem to locate it now that it was sent.

I live on the N end of Armenia and would appreciate meeting expats living in the region.

Sincere regards,


Hello there. I am not convinced this form works very well!

Let me know how to reach you. I believe I sent you a PM some days back.

It would be great to meet expats living in the region.

Sincere regards,


Hello Lyle.  I am also not very familiar with how this forum works and I prefer to know which posts are public and which posts are private so I won't put much information here but I will be moving to Armemia soon and my adult Colombian stepson (who is coming with us) is a Professor of Spanish Literature. I am sure he would enjoy some conversation with you. Once I work out how to make contact in private I will send you some contact details.

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Thanks for that info.  One more quick question if you don't mind ... how do you add someone to your contacts list? 😃

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