How do you know if a colombia woman likes you

How can you tell when a colombian woman likes/loves you

Top Ten Ways To Tell If a Colombiana Likes or Loves You....

10.  Steady eye contact.

9.  She gives you a gift.

8.  She invites you to meet her family.

7.  On her latest date with you, her outfit reveals mucho escote.

6.  In February she sends you a Valentines card.

5.  Her kisses in your embrace are muy apasionados.

4.  When you tell her your favorite hobby, she says she'd like
     to learn more about it or participate in it with you.

3.  She tells you that you are guapo.

2.  She answers your texts and emails muy pronto.

And the number-one way to tell if she likes you...

1.  Signs of life dentro de tus pantalones.

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