Moving to Singapore with a disability

Hello everyone,

Having a disability should not be a barrier to living abroad. While the intricacies of one’s move to Singapore may be specific to the individual, certain steps can be undertaken to make the process smoother.

What are the important aspects you would personally keep in mind during the planning phase (social security benefits, ongoing medical treatment, etc.)?

Are you required to go through a medical check-up before your move?

Are there any organisations or groups who lend support to expatriates who have a disability?

What are your thoughts on the infrastructure in Singapore (public spaces, transportation and buildings)?

Are there enough opportunities to make the most of your social life in Singapore? Are leisure activities made accessible to people with disabilities? 

Please do share your experience with us.


Singapore is not a good place for the disabled.
While most modern buildings and many areas in the city centre are equipped with handicapped-friendly amenities and entries/exits, most of the island (and especially HDB housing, in which 90% of the population live) are not.
Disabled people are, unlike in Western countries, not part of the normal society. They are kept in separate facilities (which might not be world class, according to what I heard - most are un by charities) and are seldom encountered in daily life.

Singapore is a very special country, an example for many countries in the world. Urban development and urbanism are at the highest level in the world.But medical services in this country are very expensive, especially for foreigners!

can't expect cheap medical bills for world class standards.

unless the taxation is high.

in which case foreigners won't want to come in the first place.

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