Exporting bird's nest from Singapore


I would like to export some bird's nests from Singapore to Poland through Germany. I don't exactly understand information here (https://www.customs.gov.sg/about-us/nat … ity-animal). Can I export these bird's nests for my family as gifts or do I need some permissions?

Thank you!

First, you need to find out whether birds nest is counted as animal product, or falls into any other customs class (in Singapore as well as EU, which is likely to have stricter rules).
Second, you need to check whether what you want to do is covered by these regulations (in my understanding, "export" is the commercial shipment of large quantities out of the country, not a small amount of personal gifts), or any other regulation (again, Singapore and EU)
And third, you ned to think about whether it's really worth buying an extremely expensive product that has no nutritional value, might be contaminated with excrements and microbes and is harvested in ecologically damaging ways.

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