From USA. Got married on the Island, July 8th. Question about Visa.

so we did everything we were directed to do. prepared everything before i left the states. married at the town hall / mayor's office in saint-paul, on july 8th, and we were told that my 3 month stay could be extended to 6 months rather easily, without marrying (though, we planned to, all along) and once married, we could go to the prefecture and apply for a 3 year visa. once at prefecture's office, we spoke with a young woman, and after she returned to the back office 3 times, she insisted i'm considered "irregular", can't work, and will have to return to the states by the end of August to get a proper visa? initially she said i needed a certificate of state, but after further conversation, she said i did not. i don't know what that means, to begin with. anyway... has anyone known someone in a similar situation to ours? my wife is a school teacher, here, and has resided on Reunion Island (originally from Brittany, France) for 23 years. all paperwork was filed and translated, properly, prior to our marriage. or any suggestions? thanks, in advance!

Hi James,

You can check this website to get information about Vie privée et vie familiale card

This one is in french and states that as spouse of an foreign authorized  resident you can apply for a Vie privée et familiale card … oits/F2209

I hope you will find a solution and wish you aml the best !

Merci. We are at the police office, now, in Roland Garros airport, since we have a neighbor who works in security, here. Trying to get as much advice as possible. I will check out your link, later. Thank you very much!

We were initially told that we would have to be married in order for me to obtain a long-stay Visa. What we weren't told was that this application had to be completed prior to leaving the states. A case of what comes first... the chicken, or the egg? Ugh. Thanks, again. I will update as we go!

What happened in your situation?

I will be married in France this summer/fall and we are currently living on Réunion.  I have a long term stay visa, but need to change to work visa.

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