Power outage in Yauco

Hello! I have a friend who lives in Puerto Rico and she told me lately that there were some electricity problems sometimes. Probably because of Hurricanes that happened before. But when she had problems, it was usually for a very short period. But she literally doesn't have any access to whatsapp since Friday night. Basically she has no access to anything because she seems to have no data at all and I assume it's because of an outage there. I have no news from her since Friday night and I start to worry a bit...  Does anyone have more informations about a possible huge outage currently there? Thanks!

All is fine with power here in Ponce. I have not heard of any major power outages

Thanks! I just got a message from her and it was apparently a little outage since yesterday! It seems okay now.

The electric company schedules outages for repairs and upgrades, so it is possible your friend missed the advisory.

Iguanas and cats sometimes cause a short on poles and sometimes substations, this can result in minor damage and sometimes significant damage that may take many hours to repair once a group is send to effect the repairs.

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