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Hi all.

I am currently on an extended tourist visa and have been looking into studying Portuguese. If I decide to study Portuguese and apply for the student visa at the Policia Federal will the student visa simply replace the tourist visa and vice versa? And would I need to leave the country at all?

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No it doesn't.

No it does not work that way.

You have to leave by the designated end of your tourist visa or you will be fined R100 per day. You need to visit the website of the Brazilian Consulate in your home country (all consulate documents are different by location) get all your documents and apply for the Student Visa (separate category of Visa).

If you already speak Portuguese, why don't you actually do a long term program at IBMR, IBMEC and etc. Your visa is automatically renewed every year till your program is completed and you actually have a certificate or degree you can use. Way cheaper than paying high prices that these portugese schools charge knowing gringos need a visa

Hi all

Thanks for your replies. I don’t currently speak Portuguese hence I would like to study Portuguese.

So would I need to leave the country and re enter every time my visa status changed?

Example, if I obtained a student visa through the Polícia Federal in Brazil, in order to activate the visa would I need to leave the country and re-Enter on the student visa?

And as your mentioned @shayf2001 before the student visa expires would I need to leave the country again and re-enter on a tourist visa?

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