What is the best Internet here at bahrain.

Hi i just want to ask what is the best GAMING,STREAMING internet in bahrain?
Currently i am using Zain router, But i am not satisfied about the performance of it,
Many times my internet disconnected of the middle of my games,
Can you suggest any Internet that have stronger Signal in my Area
Isa town block 814 road 1450
Can you help me please. Thank you

Don’t know about gaming but for internet use I am a Batelco loyal..always have been..always will be! For a hassle free connection opt for Batelco...


I don't know what's the availability like in your area but I am in Riffa Views and use Batelco Fibre optic.  80 Mbps download.   Never had any issue.

I'm using Batelco ! it has stronger network in  ' Moharraq '

Am using batelco home broadband plan. 12mbps fibre optic in aali area. 12bhd/month.
Occasional data loss. But am able to play DOTA  without much of a problem.

Any people live near my area? Isa town near jurdab, Im planning to get batelco fiber, but i am not sure if the signal is stable in my area.

i have a few friends in isa town, they are using Batelco as well and are very satisfied with it.
even if i didnt know any one there , i would still recommend Batelco , because their Fiber optic internet is a land line , and lines are more stable than wireless .
so, go ahead .

Thank you for all the answer people :)

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