Arranging accommodation from abroad?

Hello everyone,

My partner and I are planning to move from the UK to Malta in mid-July. We started to give a look around the world wide web for our future home. We know it's early but it's never too early when planning such a big move.

I was wondering if any of you has had experience with accommodation arrangements from abroad. I've noticed that some people have done this successfully, while some others advise against doing so. I'd honestly be great to be able to have an accommodation ready for us, but we don't want to risk our money.

What is your experience? What would you advise?

P.S. We already contacted and one of their agents promptly called us saying that he will be on the lookout for this and will let us know. Do you think we should rely much on that?

You need to be over here looking at property, as mentioned many times a lot of the agents sites are not up to date.  It’s advisable to look around the areas to see where you prefer and whether you would like to live in Malta or Gozo, do not decide on any property without looking at it yourself, good luck.

At my recent visit to Malta I saw some Quicklets sales offices.
I think if your are looking for 5 star luxury place - then you found a suitable agency

There are plenty of agents but you still need to be here.

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