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Hi all
I am thinking about buying a property and becoming a host on air bnb, similar to that of a guest house, advertising on etc etc, to make myself a living, enjoy as a hobby, have 3 bedroom ensuite max, doing breakfast etc etc
Must this be legal?
Registered as a business?
The tax side of it?
Hire a part-time local to help me with the cleaning, maintenance etc

Also if something happened and you passed away what would become of your property? In Spain for example if you dont have a legal will the government claims your property not your next of kin without the will

I would love to hear from similar people who set this up and achieved, and are happy.

Welcome to the forums.

It is our policy on this site to recommend you do things legally and correctly here.  Regardless of what others do, we recommend you do things legally.

To run a business you should have a corporation and register your employees, report your income and your expenses, pay your taxes.  You should also have residency.

Planner - although you've had your company a while, do recall the cost of incorporation or can you provide a website  link to the appropriate government site  - or, is this something left strictly to a trusted lawyer ( which I would certainly do/suggest).....just thoughts for such queries...

Corps are not easy,  there are currently  27 steps!   Its ridiculous.  I do this service for many of my clients.  A regular corp can be done for about US 1,000.   A corp in a big hurry is about US 1,200.

I can tell you for 1000US dollars take this steal of a deal and run.  Did the process manually without a lawyer and understand it well.  I would gladly pay a lawyer this amount of money.  I probably spent that much in gasoline!

Well theres no rush,
It will be a slow process over few years,

And in my death what would become of my property?

Legally of course
Also use proper lawyers

I can tell you that  if I had 100 RD for each expat who said to me: 1,000 dollars wow in XXXX country its $300 or whatever........ I will be rich on just that.

This country is different, get over it people.... ok rant over.....LOL

The amount of work that goes into incorporation is ridiculous.

ON death - depends how you hold your property/investments and if you have a will.  The DR law is territorial in nature. You should have a will here!   Your will outside of here, MAY work, but it will cost a pile more money in legal fees and take a lot longer.

IF you have everything inside a corp then the corp continues. Your share redistribution can be handled in your corp docs or in a will.

Without a corp then it goes by your will and Dominican estate laws which dictate how your distribution will happen.

I moved from ireland to spain at the age of 21, did my research etc, after 20 years its list its appeal,
Thats why i need to be clear on everything.... in DR
Thanks for the info so far...

Happy to help. Having clarity is a good thing!

It cost me $1600 to register my Michigan based LLC in DR. Ouch...guess I should have shopped around...and then the transfer tax cost as much for the two empty lots the company bought as the 3 lots and a house from 2015??!! Guzman says the laws have changed and the government is requiring higher levels of accountability and are scrutinizing more???

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