Salary security deposit is it true

I got job offer from Congo Lubumbashi in super market, they offered me 900$ per month.
They kept a rule like they will deduct 3000$ as security deposit. Is it true this type of conditions will company keep.

I never heard that before, be careful

Thank you for your information

A scam by the sound of it.
That means you have to work the first 3 months for nothing. What would you live on?
I would not even bother with the offer.  Slave labor.

Thanks for your information,
Company given conditions like this,
Contractual Period:
The contract period will be for two years from the date of joining. The company will hold $
3000/- (USD Three Thousand Only) as a security deposit, which will be deducted from the
employee’s monthly salary and paid back after successful completion of the employment contract.

The withholding of money is their way of ensuring you stay and I would say it is illegal.

What if, at the end of the contract period, they decide not to pay the money back?? The operative word is "successful" so they could say you did not successfully complete your contract.

I have lived and worked in many countries over the last 45 years and never have I come across this.

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