Vacancy required in Kolwezi or Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Cong

Can anyone assist me in finding a suitable position please?

I am a qualified Nurse and have SAMTRAC SHE Officer Certificate and First Aid 3 Certificate.

My husband works in Kolwezi therefore I would prefer to be near to him.

Hi SHE officer and Nurse,

Welcome to :)

In order to help you in your job search, i advise you to search for several hospital found in Lubumbashi on the internet and to contact them.

I also think that consulting other recruitment websites may be useful too as well as dropping your CV in the Nurse job offers in Lubumbashi section. ;)

Wish you good luck,

Priscilla team

Thank you Priscilla.
I have checked many websites, can you suggest any that are based in the Congo please?

Hi SHE officer and Nurse,

Please have a look to the Recruitment Agencies in the Democratic Republic of Congo found in the business directory, i think that it may help. :)

You can also contact these following hospitals listed in the link below :

- List of hospitals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Hope it helps,

Priscilla team

Hi there
Please also try some of the larger Mines around Kolwezi - they all have on-site clinics and are always looking for qualified people. However, you need to check on what visa you are entering the Country? If you are on a tourist visa, you are not allowed to work. You will be able to LOOK for work, but once you have found something you will need a work permit. If you are here on your husbands' work permit and therefore also have a work permit, you will be allowed to work. Normally companies are reluctant to touch you if you do not already have a permit...catch 22 situation! If you would like to forward your c.v to me on my personal e-mail address ***, I can pass it on to some senior people at Mines in Kolwezi and some friends who have contacts there, that might be able to help.
Good luck, hope you get something soon!

Hi Megan,
I am currently working as a contractor for the mines in Kolwezi, now looking for a more secure executive  job employed directly by the mines. I have a few contacts however wandering If I forward to you my CV, you could pass it on to the right people.
I am a business manager from Australia, and specialise in multiple fields.
I have been living and working in DRC for 2 years, mainly in Lubumbashi. Ive been residing in Kolwezi for 2 months and plan to stay.



Hi Megan,

How you doing?

Am currently living in Zambia but I have been to school in RDCongo specifically in Likasi.

I have been planning to get back to Congo specifically in Kolwezi in search of employment.

I have had different experiences in different types of jobs and I was also able to learn 11 languages, great skills, ethics, traditions, etc.

With that in mind, I would like to ask for a favour if you can kindly assist me with your connections in Kolwezi as per my expertise.

I managed to obtain your email address *** in the post comment at

Attached is my CV for your perusal.

Kindly assist.

Kindly regards,



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