Relocation to lubumbashi

I also want to move to DRC,lubumbashi to work and improve my french skills.

@Jamaica Rose  Please come .it a good city.getting a job is a bit difficult if you don't have the  french language knowledge.

Awwwn I only have a IGCSE french knowledge from school 😶but I really want to move there

Hello Jamaica Rose,

Welcome to!

In which sector would you like to work?

Yoginee team

I am Nico from South Africa

I would also like the opportunity.

I am in construction.

@Yoginee entertainment, housekeeping,front office,catering(waitresssing)

Hello Jamaica Rose,

You should definitely try posting your CV in the Jobs in the Democratic Republic of Congo section.

It might help you find a job more quickly1f609.svg

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Yoginee team

Thank you so much,let me do that

@Jamaica Rose hey Rose its good to know that you're also in hospitality. Iam a Sushi chef,Culnery Chef,Restaurant chef,Griller. Lets help one another

How to find my job

Hello Angelinjesse,

Welcome on board !

What kind of job are you looking for ?

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@Bhavna nursing job

Hello wiscotloice,

I suggest you drop your CV in the Jobs in the Democratic Republic of Congo section.

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Yoginee team

@Yoginee am so happy to see you to tell me this welcome

Hi everyone,

My name is Laura, I am Spanish citizen. I am currently working in UAE and I've got a good offer in an International school in Lubumbashi.

Just I would like to know how safe it is for a solo woman expa, though I will be living inside the school's campus, but I would like to have the opportunity to explore the city during weekends.


@Jamaica Rose If you're considering moving there, Lubumbashi is a great city to settle down in. But if you're planning to invest in rental property, it's essential to do your due diligence. To help you navigate the process, consider reaching out to [link moderated], a reliable resource for buying rental property in Congo.

Hi Genelia,

Thank you very much for your message, I appreciate it.

About the rental, thanks for the information but my employer will provide the accommodation,  so I guess is something less to worry from my side.

Thanks again,