Samana Whale Watcher

It may be the end of the whale watching season for this year in the Samana Bay, but this new app may be something for visitors to the area when whale watching in future years. … por-un-dia

The app 'Samana Whale Watcher' looks a good application for visitors to find where to see the whales close up and share information.

Did anyone go this year? And if so I do hope you saw plenty of whales!

Off Topic but I do hope that a few of you are watching the new Netflix series 'Our Planet' presented by the iconic Richard Attenborough. There is some wonderful photography to be seen in this series, and as regards whales, some  incredible footage of the same type of whale that frequent our shores feeding in the Artic and Antartic polar regions in unison. Wonderful stuff.

Have you been able to find the app? I've searched in the app store and can't find it.

Yes. Found it straight away and downloaded it from Google Play Store on my Android phone......Samana Whale Watcher.

Whale watching is interesting - the ones in the water (that live there - great) and even the the male& female ones that walk on the beach can be amazing...oops, my bad - hahahaha ( and I'm sure I get included in the last remark by all the sleek "sharks")

Maybe that's the issue! I have an iPhone. I wonder if it's only for Android at this point.

What's the actual name of the app? Is it Samana Whale Watcher?

Samana Whale Watcher.

The article linked in the original post actually stated: Esta aplicación móvil se encuentra disponible para dispositivos Android e iOS So you should find it.

The whale watching season in Samana Bay officially starts next Wednesday.

The app mentioned in this thread is showing two reports in Samana Bay (plus other test photos) with location and pictures but doesn't give the date of the photos. Perhaps early season visits?

Interestingly they appear to identify the whales that visit using their tail fins.

I have friends near who have seen the whales this week!

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