Coming from NC To Algiera hopefully!

Hi everyone how are you today? My name is Tronica and I was introduced to Algeria two years ago by a lovely man who I knew online. I always tried to come to Algeria but things always came up. Now that my father has passed away. I want to come and stay in Algeria and learn the culture, and the cuisine of the Algerian people. I want to stay for about three months. So would anyone know how I could go about finding a house or flat that I can rent? I am single with no children. I can't wait to come and visit the country first.

Hello, are you an American? British? Canadian? As an American I applied for a tourist visa but with a sponsor (invitation), but if you are staying in a hotel you can have them fill out the paperwork as well. But I believe you have to be booked for as long as your stay. Or get a sponsor (invitation) from someone you know that’s willing be responsible during your stay. When you apply for the visa they’ll ask you the duration you plan on staying there. I requested 3 months and have stayed for 6 months with an extension. We have an Algerian embassy in NY and Washington D.C. and where you reside determines which one you have to apply to. I hope this helps!

Hello Tronica, I have one thing to say.
Stay away from these scammers. They are thieves.

She’s correct, I’ve heard of some really bad experience from people. I was weary as well to visit and spend so much time there. My family was overly concerned as well. But I’m glad I went on my initial trip and had a good time. I’ll be returning in Dec or May. I hope you you have a great time!

Hi Welcome in My Country , i Know You Love Him .. We are Good & Great Peopels


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Hey there. This is highly interesting culture: Not exactly Arab, French or African  quite unique blend and life style. As everywhere, there are nice & Bad people  U wouldn't be particularly in danger as Algerians are very hospitable people against foreigners. I assume U're Anglo Saxon  unfortunetly no one speaks English  I strongly recommend U take some French classes before your departure !!  I've been coming to Algiers since 2013 and moved here for good on April 2019  so get in touch if U have further questions. Good luck & Cheers.   Kaan

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