living cost for shanghai

Dear Friends,

I got post-doctoral fellowship program with 10000 RMB/month in Center for Public Health Core Laboratories, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, 227 South Chongqing Road, Shanghai, China.

It is enough for a single person to stay. 

How much I will spend on room rent? nearby university?

How much I will spend on food ?.  If it's possible to save money.

Please give me a valuable suggestion.

Hi, 10000 RMB/ month  is not a small money. It's enough to live in Shanghai for single person.

Room rent could be 3000-6000 RMB/ month, it depends. If you have roommates with you, it could be lower.

You may spend 3000 RMB on food per month. I think it's enough for single person.

So, if you make the best of your living expenses, you may save 2000-3000 per month without a part-time job.

All above is for your reference.

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