Moving to Vietnam with pet birds

Hi guys!

Did someone of you move to Vietnam with pet birds?

We planning to move to Ho Chi Minh City soon in near future and bring with us our beloved pets.
2 dogs and 2 parrots (Senegal Parrot and Cockatiel). Both bred and hatched in the U.S. (where we currently live).

The dogs are not a concern. The birds are.... Made a research and couldn’t found any regulations and requirements regarding  importing the birds :-(.

Contacted Saigon Pet Hospital and asked for advice and they said, they can help us with importing dogs but not the birds - that government is very strict because of the bird flu. They recommended to contact Ministry of Agriculture.

Before I do so, I was wondering if any of you have brought the pet bird to Vietnam and can share with me the experience and what all is needed (health certificate, mocrochip, any vaccinations)?

Any advice is highly appreciated!

Thank you so much!


Sorry, I'm of no help to you about bringing your birds, but can you explain the process of importing your dogs? I'm planning to retire in 5-6 years and was curious about bringing dogs to Vietnam.

Appreciate any info!


Lucky you! It’s a very beautiful place for retirement :-)!
I made some digging and found this info regarding dogs: … etnam.html

One of the Expats recommended also to contact Saigon Pet Clinic - DR. Nghia (excellent rating from other Expats) and ask for information.
You can email them: saigonpetclinic[at]

I contacted them yesterday and they confirmed they can help us with importing dogs to Vietnam :-).

Those are definitely good news. Haven’t gotten far yet since trying to get some info regarding Birds.

Hope this helps you :-)!


Thank you very much for the info! I hope you get some info for your birds!

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