Currency from USA to Escudo

Does an $800 a month USA dollars go a long way living in Praia Cape Verde.

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Hi Nene,

Yes, US$800 is about 77.000 escudos. This is much higher than the average wage in Cape Verde. It is the salary than an engineer or college professor would earn in their early career. So yes, it would go a long way to living in Praia.

In Praia, your rent would be about $250 per month for a decent place in a good neighborhood. Food for one person is about $250 per month if you shop at the grocery store and the market. With what is left, you would have enough for public transport, mobile telephone (unlimited calls) and internet (unlimited data).

To live really well with entertainment plus costs of operating and maintaining a car (that you import), you would need about US$1.000 a month. This will give you a cushion for inter-island travel, a few meals out, and alternative forms of entertainment.


Thank you for the information.

You're quite welcome. Contact me in private if you need more detailed information or if you have specific questions.


Hopey1 :

Thank you for the information.

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