salary of associate professor in Kuwait City

one private university in Kuwait is interested to employ me as associate professor. I'm waiting for an e-mail with the concrete offer? Does anybody an help with information of basic salary range for this job? And what benefits I should negotiate for?

Associate professor which stream ?standard basic would be 1500 to 2000

Hi Vicky,
associate professor of Business Law and related fields (School of Business, ACK).

Must be 1300 to 1800

Thanks. Do you know what they usually include in package (health insurance, renting apartment furnishing, return ticket from my country, costs of moving to Kuwait, etc.)?

Do you have experience with this university (ACK)?

I dont have any idea regarding ACK they should provide yearly tickets along with health insurance ,accommodation I'm afraid not

Thanks. The information you have given me is quite useful.
Waiting to see their offer ...


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