What is a good salary for an Expat in Shanghai

Hi there,

I just wanted to ask what a good salary for an Expat is.I mean how much do you need for a good life in Shanghai (nice flat in the city centre, eating outside every day but also in cheap places like street food, going out in the weekend to clubs or bars, having some money left for travelling every now and then maybe things like gym and transportation like taxis as well)

It seems that i will have the oportunity to move to Shanghai as an Expat and therefore wanted to know what a decent salary is where maybe i can also save a little money.

Thanks for your opinions.

What is your age? Your gender? Your nationality? Your occupation?

In regards to your potential employer;

What is their business, and where are they located?

If you kindly answer these questions, we might be able to take a stab at helping you out.

I will answer you.

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