Best universities in Canada

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Students make up an important part of the expat population. This year again, thousands around the world will be leaving their home country to study abroad. How about giving them a hand by sharing with them information about the best universities in Canada?

What are the best universities in Canada ? What makes them the best universities? What are their international ranking?

What are the success rates of these universities?

What are the subjects taught at these universities?

What are the general requirements to get into them?

What are the tuition fees to study at those universities?

When does the academic year begin and end in Canada ?

What are the specific advantages of studying in these universities (job prospects, internships, internationally recognized degrees…) ?

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While there are renowned universities in Canada like SFU, UBC and RRU. I really think they are all known for different things and adhere different types of people.

I do think picking the right university is extremely important since it defines your social circle and your future in Canada but, it’s not necessary that a renowned college out here gives you all of that.

I moved to Canada to study, and with extensive research picked a college that I thought was perfect t for me.
I have made a video explaining the steps that you can take to ensure that you’ve made the right choice, you guys can have a look at it if you like :).

How to choose a College or University in Canada: … =1&t=1

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