A number of the recent new expat members planning to relocate here, have indicated that they would like to eek out a tourism related business.

The general consensus is that it would not be easy.

One growing area of tourism for which DR ticks all the boxes is ecotourism. It has large growth potential in DR imo. There is no thread on this forum on this subject so I'm posting an introduction for those that might have an interest in this subject and want more information or wish to share ecotourism information.

One can point to the various existing activities available in the mountains near Puerto Plata, Samana, Jarabacoa and Constanza, but there are many other locations where ecotourism is active and the main participants are Dominicans with few expats.

The South West springs to mind, whether it be the mountains of Baoruco or the inland wetlands there or the high mountain valleys near Padre Las Casas or San Jose de Ocoa. The East Coast is opening up in the mountains and wetlands between El Seibo and Miches.

Today in another English journal here in DR, they report a local news story from this weekend about the inland province of Sanchez Ramirez promoting it's own ecotourism which includes it's big lakes with bass fishing and it's pineapple and rice routes. It along with Monte Plata also has the cacao routes and wonderful tropical forests.

Ecotourism could be a suitable outlet for motivated expats wanting a business opportunity here. But it won't be easy.

But also there will be expats here who might want to know where to go see wetlands and the wildlife there, mountains, valleys and rivers, tropical jungle walks to many waterfalls, some of the best bird watching available worldwide, mountain trails to the highest peak in the Caribbean, crocodiles, manatees in mangroves, tree house hotels, zip lines through the jungle, pirate caves in tropical jungle, old salt pan workings and so on.

Great  subject for a thread.

I too read that article and it made me think. Yes, Ecotourism is a huge opportunity!   There are some companies working in this area but there are lots of opportunities.

It isn't easy and it will not be inexpensive to put these types of businesses in place!

Could be very successful if there is good bass fishing, provided the business is marketed effectively.  My husband and I currently own rental cottages and fishing, particularly bass, is the major activity.  Customers drive for 8 to 10 hours to get here - and most of them travel in the winter months.  After all these years, I am still amazed how dedicated fishermen are and how much money they are willing to spend. And the big spenders are almost always catch and release because they have a tremondous respect for nature.  That mindset would make an ecotourism setting even more attractive to them.  Having all of the other activities that you mention within reach is a huge added bonus.
Of course, I have no idea what the expense would be to develop an EcoTourism property.

I believe most fishing here is deep sea fishing. I don't think there's is much lake fishing and very little ocean close to shore anymore.

Someone correct me if I am wrong.

There is/was such a thing as the Cotui Bass Open and I've been reading several articles about how big the bass grow in Lago Haitillo.

Here is the link on the Cotuirismo website:

and a recent tournament … e-hatillo/

The lake is in a lovely setting just outside the town of Cotui.

Here is a very recent article in the Dominican press about the potential for ecotourism in this part of the country. You will have to google translate if you only read English.

Here is a company that is tapping into the country's ecotourism potential but this time in the South West where a few Canadians, Spaniards and Italians have set up small hotels serving visitors to this beautiful and diverse region of the country:

Great info!

This came out today: … ing-spots/

Press Release

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic has been named one of America’s 10 Most Popular Foreign Fishing Spots by FishingBooker!

FishingBooker, the world’s largest website for booking fishing charters, announced the top 10 foreign fishing spots that Americans visit, and Punta Cana is one of them.

The list was created based on data from bookings where it was recorded which spots outside the US Americans most frequently visit in order to go fishing.

It’s no secret that the Dominican Republic is a small piece of heaven on earth. Punta Cana is well known for its white beaches, chocolate, and stunning scenery in places such as Hoyo Azul and Scape Park.   But did you know that the town offers some incredible fishing opportunities?

Anglers will have the chance to catch Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, and Blue and White Marlin! That’s why Punta Cana was one of the most visited foreign fishing spots by American tourists in the past year.

The full list of America’s 10 most popular foreign fishing destinations can be found below:

Bridgetown, Barbados
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Oranjestad, Aruba
George Town, Cayman Islands
Nassau, Bahamas
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Jaco, Costa Rica
Cancun, Mexico
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
FishingBooker is the world’s largest platform for connecting anglers and fishing guides, with over 25,000 fishing trips available in more than 1,750 cities worldwide.

Very interesting discussion.  I will take some time today to read the links of information.  Strange tho that being in the business for so long I have never heard of FishingBooker.  Will take a look at that too.  (You all have my wheels spinning) LOL!

Awesome,  we love to get wheels spinning.....

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