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Hi all,

Newbie on the Spain forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Spain if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi guys,

My name is Ovidiu, I'm 28 years old, and I'm planning to relocate in Barcelona, within May-June along with my family. Besides my beloved wife, I have 2 boys - one is 2 years and a half, and the other one is 2 months old.

I am also willing to relocate my business too, which is mostly about photo booth rentals.

From my perspective, the business will root immediately if I can manage to do what I have in mind - I want to setup photo booths, in the streets, in the crowded areas.. but there are two main problems:
1. the power supply... planning to get power from some neighbours, for a fee ofc;
2. the license... this is the most overwhelming thing I studied about...

I read, I study, I send e-mails and talk with both sides, consultants and employees of public entities. The firsts, say that is almost impossible because it's too much bureaucracy (maybe it's true, but for someone who truly desires this, it isn't a problem), and the public institutions keep passing me to one from another (talk to that, talk with them, we don't know that kind of stuff - go and talk with..).

If someone, knows anything about this, please, give me a hint.


Hi my name is Alison I am a fully qualified massage and skin rejuvernation therapist. I am also a uk registered nurse. I moved here with my partner Iain in December last year from the English Lake District. The weather here is much better!!!
I have just got my therapy business up and running from home, offering a tranquil space for a relaxing treatment. Iain is a qualified coach driver/manager inc European work. Although he loves DIY and has a sound knowledge of electrics and plumbing. He loves renovation work!
We are coverting our large garage into two en suite bedrooms for guests and want to run it as a bed and breakfast...hopefully by April!!
We have brought with us our dog and cat who are absolutely loving ghr extensive outdoor space! In fact we all are!

Hi. We've lived in Spain (Benitachell - small village in the northern Costa Blanca) since 2007.  Totally love it.  However, we're looking to re-locate to a nice, but less expensive area (property-wise) that has a reasonable UK ex-pat community.  Open to any suggestions - especially inland Spain where property prices are lower.  Looking to release some capital.  Love the idea of a rural property, as long as it's not too remote.  Suggestions as to area would be marvellous!!


Your enthusiasm is great. But not quite sure you have the right business plan. Most people take selfies on their mobile phones , so no need for your product? But wish you all the best!

Hello everyone, my name is BRENDA SMYTH,  52 years old. Just got here 2 weeks ago.  Head hunting carers for a company in Bristol UK. Trying to set up as a recruitment company (taking baby steps as I am clueless).
I love Alicante and I have been coming here for years every summer.

Hi everyone.

I moved to Spain in December, 2018, and have now spent 2 months in Spain. It is a definite upgrade from South Africa, especially since I got to bring my dogs and cats with me.

I am a university student, and ready to take advantage of the opputunities that Spain offers to me, the very opputunities that I wasn't able to get in South Africa.

Open to any suggestions to what I can do or explore while I continue living here :)

My husband has just got a new job with Overseas in Torviscas and we are moving to Adeje,  I myself will be looking to start working at the end of April hopefully, can anyone recommend any agencies or anything else to help us.

Samantha Melia

Not that I think anything will happen by then,  but if Brexit we’re to happen on 29th March then no one knows what position you will be in following that.  That is, by your intended move to spain in April

If you move before Brexit then you will need to your paperwork ASAP    That is your registration on the EU Citizen Register

This might help

The online process is in Spanish and is not exactly straightforward.  Having help from someone who has at least basic Spanish is advisable.   You will also need to be able to print the application form,  bank payment  form and the confirmation of the appointment


.•            GO TO

•             PROVINCES AVAILABLE:       CHOOSE the province where your are living


              e.g.    “policía  certificado de residente o no residente”  (that includes NIE application)

•             ENTER THE DETAILS OF APPLICANT. if you have an NIE show that, if not then show your passport number

•            CHOOSE NATIONAL POLICE STATION FOR APPOINTMENT:      The one that covers the area where you are living


•             You must PRINT A COPY OF THE APPOINTMENT,   And take it with you to the police station


I am Peter. My wife and I have recently bought a property close to La Finca golf resort. We are aiming to move over in the next few years if possible. For now we will be using the property as a holiday home.
I am looking for for some quotes from recommended builders who build patios and tile gardens.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


Hello, i am an expat living in barcelona for over a year now, a graduate of business admin from the EU business school, and i am 34 years old.

beign in barcelona is amazing, but job search is hard to get jobs especially for non europeans of african decent. it is really bad, the racism grows but i refuse to see it so i can achieve.

Hello Everyone! My name is Annabella and I am hoping to find inspiration, testimony, and assistance on how to successfully relocate to Spain. I am from Puerto Rico and I will be in Spain visiting for 2 months to connect with current expats not just internationally but also with those from US/Puerto Rico who have successfully moved to Spain on a Visa or Residency for longer than 6 months? I am hoping to start the formal visa process for relocation in the summer via the Spanish Consulate in San Juan Puerto Rico. However, I am not sure which one? I am a Project and Marketing Manager who works remotely and I am able to do so remotely as long as there is internet. Although I have considered a NL Visa, I do not have more than 30K in savings, I am not retired and I would love to do additional part-time work in Spain (I have a TEFL certificate).  So for anyone who is from Puerto Rico and has successfully moved to Spain please please share and or message me your tips and testimony of success! Much appreciated! BTW I am fluent in English, Spanish and Italian! Thanks!

Hi everyone!

My name is Marcela, I live in Miami Beach and I am planning on moving to Spain in the following months. I work remotely for a technology company which allows me to work anywhere in the world so I decided to relocate abroad.
My main concerns now are choosing the right city where I'm going to live,  making sure I can take my dog, and moving some of my stuff there. So far, I decided to move to Valencia but I am open to suggestions on other cities. If you are living in Valencia, please let me know which neighborhoods you recommend. I like safe walkable areas, well connected with public transportation with plenty to do (resto, bars, shopping, parks, etc.).
Have you use any moving company for your stuff that you can recommend?

Thank you!

Hola: Soy Roberto. Vivo en Valencia y Atlanta USA. I am looking to meet people and enjoy life in Valencia. I will be returning to Valencia in 10 May. Let’s see what we can put together. ~Beto

Hi  everyone! I moved to Vigo in Galicia just over two months ago from Ireland. I would really love to meet up with new friends to speak English to, go for a coffee, a walk, to the beach, a movie! I am loving life in Vigo, please get in touch :)

Buenos dias, amigos, I recently relocated to Almunecar in Andalusia from the US and would love to meet up with English-speaking expats for conversation and connection. I'm a semi-retired psychotherapist/counselor (don't be put off, I don't shrink heads :-) with a love of the outdoors and the ocean who got tired of living in the desert in Arizona (after living most of my adult life in northern California) and the increasingly hostile political climate in the US and decided to spend my final decades in the home of my ancestors. (My father, who I never got to know, was born and raised in Barcelona.) Other interests include meditation and healthy lifestyle, though I'm open to all perspectives and points of view. Let's be in touch. Stephan

Hi. Apart from England, I've also lived in Canada. I lived and worked near Barcelona in the 80s, in Mataro. I then went to the Netherlands and have now retired having worked as a teacher in a Dutch University. I'm checking out Andalusia as it's, as far as I can gather, half the cost of living near Amsterdam, and I can't take another Dutch winter, and so on. 'Hoping to rent a modest apartment - anywhere as long as it's quiet, so perhaps in a village away from tourist areas, probably inland. 'Looking forward to building up a social life and going on photography expeditions, my favourite hobby along with dancing. 'Might offer English lessons in some form or other - anything from beginners up to academic writing. I also meditate every day, and do Chi Quong.
I have dual nationality: British and Dutch. 'Looks like I'll be using the Dutch citizenship as my default...

Hi Stephan - "mgramunt" -  I've just signed up to this forum and have posted an intro., just below yours I think. I'm at the seriously thinking about moving stage. I see you're into meditation and a healthy life style. Well, me too, and Chi Quong. I'll certainly be checking out what's going on in that field if I move. Regards. Hugh

Hi, New to the forum but have been living permanently in Spain since 2007 (and owned a holiday property for 6 years prior to that).  Currently living in the village of Benitachell, near to the larger towns of Javea & Denia (Alicante Province).  Thinking about moving areas to release some capital (we live in a very expensive area re. property prices) and are exploring our options.  We dislike areas such as Benidorm, preferring quieter, semi-rural locations, but with some British ex-pats.  Suggestions would be appreciated.

Almería appears nice. Just saw a UK special about it. Best wishes.

I live in Florida USA and want to retire in either Almería, Spain or South of France. Originally Cuban, and have visited Spain, Greece and Brazil. Looking for expat friends.

Thanks for the Shout-out, Hugh. I would be happy to connect and share my experiences thus far. Feel free to email me directly at ***

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Please be aware that the land around Almeria is covered in plastic greenhouses, which are not aesthetically pleasing and have a strong, unpleasant odor. I would check the area out thoroughly before you decide.

Hi Stefan
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Perhaps I wrote it wrong. It's *** (no r after the m). Hope that helps.

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Hello my name is Emma and my partner Don we are planning to move to la Linea soon when I have secured a nursing job in Gibraltar my partner will not have a job so he is looking also to secure a job in La Linea or Gibraltar he has previously owned his own bar in Seville and managed his own import and export company where he has many years expertise. All welcomed advice on renting property I La Linea or La Alcadesa and employment would be of great value. We are both looking forward to this exciting new move and would be nice to make friends with people already living in La Linea or Gibraltar.

Thanks for the welcome x

If you are an EU national ( if your are British of Brexit happens you will be non EU)  you will need to register on the EU Citizen Register to be able to live in spain.  For that you will need to prove an income of at least 8,800 €   p. a, for a couple and you will need 100% medical cover. 

I suggest you have a word with your potential employer in Gibraltar as that is an ‘unusual’ situation and they will be in a better position to advise you

You should also check out workers cross border taxation rules.  Again an unusual situation.

Hi, I’ve just bought a house in Cullar, Near Baza. Found a fantastic estate agent, solicitor and electrician who have all been amazing. Our 5 bed cave house (which was unbelievable value) is completely rewired. We have been out for several weeks, back again throughout the summer and hoping to move permanently by Christmas. All the local companies have been great, we’ve had wood burners, a cooker, heaters bbqs delivered by the friendliest people. We are not fluent Spanish but they are always willing to help you with a bit of google translate! There are vans round daily honking their horns selling everything from bread to wine, even gas bottles. Absolutely can’t wait to be there full time 😬

Hi im ray moving over to candelaria in sep taking intense spanish course 3 weeks when arrive
Am 56 fit and dont need to work but also need to
Want part time work have great cv sia security
Been in customer service since 21 great communication skills people person problem solver all round cockney gentlemen need anything
20 hrs 30 hrs im ok to do
Cant just sit around

Many thanks


My name is Clare and I live in Nashville but have always dreamed of moving to Spain. My grandparents were born in Spain and so I am also interested in Spanish citizenship. I'm not exactly sure the area where we would move, but Pamplona is a strong consideration, or another similarly sized city.

I am very early in the process --- pretty much in the research stage. Looking forward to learning more in this resource!



Can i ask which estate agent you used ? i am trying to find somewhere for my 2 children and my dog. But its not easy with a dog finding places that accept.
hope to hear back from you thankou

Hey! I’m sam, I have now been in Valencia 6 months. I moved here with my family including 2 children ages 15 & 9.
We also bought 2 fur babies with us also.
We live in rafelguaraf, would be great to meet up up some more English speaking  people over here, with or without kids.
I don’t regret my move and I love it here but I do miss my friends and it would be great to Make some new ones in this exciting new chapter of my life.

Also any ideas on a beginners dance class for adults in Valencia? If they understand English this would be fabulous too!

Thanks in advance all.

Hello everyone

My name is Dale. Relocated to Spain from England for work, have currently been in the country only a couple weeks. I have a long term girlfriend back home and two children, my daughter is 6 and my son is 2. My job is SM for an British supermarket chain

Currently doing my training and staying in Torrevieja. Once my training period is complete I was moving to Jávea store but was going to live in Denia as it looks beautiful. Once I was settled down, explored the area, looked at schools etc my family will be joining me.

However, work are now potentially relocating me so need advice, so I will start a new thread


Hola amigos !.
I'm John from Sale in South Manchester. I moved to Ontinyent , 50 mins from Valencia ,  a year ago with my lovely (and very patient !)  girlfriend Esther. We have just opened a small glamping business ...Sueños Valencianos (Valencian dreams) with 3 Mongolian Yurt tents. They are situated in our olive orchard,  and we live in a small house on site , around 10 mins from the town. ***
I'm a massive Man. Utd fan , ex-season ticket holder , and my club in Spain is Valencia. When I get the chance , I like to go Military weapons shooting in Eastern Europe,  also see Valencia play at the Mestalla or away if I've got the cash !.  Esther likes horse riding and picnics !!. I'm 54 and the Mrs is 50. We'd like to meet any football fans or people with similar interests locally.
Have a great day !

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hi all,
name's kevin. got myself a job in malaga starting 1st sept. Need to know a nice area for my wife and 2 children to rent in before we buy our own place. 2 beds would be fine and looking quite long term 6months or a year. need some advice please

Kevin.  If you give some idea what you prefer that would help those who might offer some help.   Country, coast, city, town, house, apartment, spanish/english speaking area, schools, easy public transport, shopping facilities,  price range, etc.

we are really quite flexible. 2/3 bed within 30mins of British School of Malaga, Spanish area or urb with shared pool.


My name is Diane and my partner and I are planning to move to Spain, ideally Mazarron later this year. Our house is up for sale in North Manchester and we are hoping to eventually buy, but will rent first. Anyone in the area with advice on specific areas that maybe best to live permanently would be appreciated. We have a dog, but will not be looking for jobs.

If.  I did say if,  uk drop out without any deal in October then U.K. nationals are likely to need an income of at least 27,000 euros a year for a single person,  plus extra approx 5,400 €  for spice/partner,  to obtain permission (residencia) to live in the EU

Plus of course full medical cover.  That might be still available with an S1 from DWP,  but no one knows for sure

That will mean that many who would have been able to settle in the EU, would no longer qualify.   Those already here might be lucky and avoid any new regulations

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