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Anyone selling a Ducati 2019 Panagale or Aprilia 2019 1100 factory.

Hello all,

I have recently bought a villa in Pedralba, Valencia. I am in the process of packing up my house in the UK and then transporting myself and my little Border Terrier (Seth) over, hopefully all done by first week of Feb.

Would be good to meet up with people at some point.
Interests include photography, mountain walking, wildlife, the beach or lakes and rivers, the odd beer or glass of wine I guess. Oh and I'm keen to learn Spanish of course.

Anyway back to packing boxes and thinking about what I actually want or need



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Hi all I am Vicki and my husband and I will be moving to Spain in the next 3 years ( I'm a planner lol) We will be buying my fathers house so will have no need for accommodation and we are not planning to work ( yippee) we have started Spanish lessons and will hopefully be somewhat fluent by the time we get there.  Thinking of setting up a non residents bank account before we arrive - does anyone have any experience of this?

many thanks


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