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Hello ,
I appreciate if anybody in Loja can suggest a good reasonably cheap Spanish class . I know a bit Spanish but never studied properly thru any course . Is there any course provided by their universities for expats ? I will be staying in Loja for 3 months starting this Apr 2019 , any suggestion will help . I appreciate .


No info to add, but keeping track of this thread as I live near Loja and, while I've been here a year and a half, out in the country I don't get many chances to practice or improve my Spanish.

You could always try putting a free ad in Locanto, for Loja:


There's not really much activity on Locanto for Loja, unlike larger cities.

But scroll down the page to Clases, Cursos de Idiomas and place your ad for a tutor.  You could specify the hours and days, and what you are willing to pay, or try to get it for free in exchange for English lessons.

When I was a kid in Ecuador I learned the language by mingling with and talking to the locals - hop on a bus, go to the market and downtown, explore the shops - you might find, as I did, that they can be willing and helpful, maybe because I amused them at times...


We were just in Loja for two weeks in January.  We have good friends in Loja in El Centro.  Contact me for Raquel's contact information.  She is from Florida and is fluent in English and Spanish and teaches English to Loja residents now.  They are great people.  Email Bruce at ***

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I will be moving here in August from the midwest.what are some good resources to learn Spanish

Bigbrad2008 wrote:

I will be moving here in August from the midwest.what are some good resources to learn Spanish

I suggest getting lots of practice listening and reading (input) before you work on output (speaking and writing). I have been using LingQ from the beginning for natural input. Duolingo is a good training game that helped my grammar. After that, watching Netflix in Spanish. I read El Universo every day. I listen to podcasts like Radio Ambulante regularly.

most importantly, the best practice is human interaction.

Thanks, my son's girlfriend is Mexican and the company she works for hire tons of Mexican all the time. Maybe a language teaching swap with co worker recommended by her. I have not taught Spanish but have taught other courses at Universities.

Hi, I have also just moved to Loja to village of San Lucas.
I will be living here for six months and require some Spanish classes in the city or as close as possible. Please can you get in contact with me.

Many thanks. Mari


Of course I can do so !
Let me know !


Of course I could help You with Your Spanish !
How much would You pay for an hour ?
Waiting for Your reply !
Mr. Dr. EC

We have a really good teacher in Loja.  How can I pass the contact on to you?

Emanoil wrote:

I could help You with Your Spanish !
How much would You pay for an hour ?

Let's please move the negotiations off the forum, as PM or private messaging is available.

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Thanks CCC for the tip.  I am using some private messages now.

I too am looking for a teacher in Loja and would love suggestions.  Please message me directly if you have any advice.

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