Hello, everybody !


My name is Guy Déridet. I'm French. But nobody is perfect.

In a previous life I was Certified Public Accountant in the French National Education. Not a very fun profession by the way. But thanks to which I spent fifteen years in the West Indies, at Saint Barthélémy 4 years, first, at Saint Martin then for 11 years. In addition to apnea and the art of napping, my stay in the islands allowed me to learn computing and English. This was useful to me afterwards, both in my work and to avoid dull television evenings.

I then worked 12 years in Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean. Then, at my retirement in 2009, I settled in Thailand (Koh Samui : 5 years, Kho Phangan : 2 years) Then, I moved to Crete (Greece) in Amoudara near Heraklion, for two years.

I have been living in Andalusia, Manilva, since April 2018. For my greatest happiness !

As you can see, I am an avid nomad. I was born in 1946 and I still don't know what it's like to grow old.

I like computing because it changes all the time, sport and faraway places for the same reason, the pleasures of the table and humor because life is short and doesn't end well.

I manage alone an eponymous website since 2000. This site has more than 5000 articles, about 1500 pages viewed per day. On this site I write about everything I like, and everything I don't like.

I am moreover ultra-connected : Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. All this takes up a large part of my retirement days. When I'm not behind my computer or my smartphone, I walk between 7 and 10 km every day, on the beach or in the mountains. This allows me, at my advanced age, to always be in great shape.

I also enjoy travelling and photography. I am Google Guide, level 6, and my photos on Google Maps, have just exceeded 4 millions views.

As I like to say, old age is a shipwreck....if you don't learn to swim.

My favorite motto is Nietzsche's: "You have to follow your path, provided you go up"

The following picture of Gibraltar's Rock was taken by me from my terrace, at Manilva, Andalusia?  Right click to open it in a new tab.


Hi Guy and welcome to the Forum.

Your photo link is screwed up, but I got there in the end - nice photo.

My favourite motto - Si fractum non sit, noli id ​​reficere.

Expat Team

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