Looking for the supply of 20 tonnes of white stone

Hi everyone ... brand new to the forum ... so will do my best not to break any rules or offend. Posted this query on another forum however grateful for any replies that the community can provide.

We have recently bought a property on the outskirts of Villanueva de Algaidas and fairly urgently need to source 20 tonnes of white stone in order to suppress horrendous weed growth at the side of the house. I have already sprayed it and intend to place a membrane on the ground prior to the stones distribution.

I have made enquiries at the large builders merchants down in Malaga however the transportation costs are pretty astronomical given the distance involved. I have also sent email enquiries to a couple of suppliers that I found on the internet however again too far away from our location.

Our preference would be the larger natural white stone product (20-30mm size) as opposed to the smaller white gravel product. I have tried searching for 'stones' in the forum however no joy (although it could well be operator error).

Extremely grateful for any replies.

Many thanks .... w33lpm

Try searching on the internet for
roca triturada blanca or piedras  triturada blanca
And add the area where you are

Thanks for your swift reply Johncar.

I have tried a couple of Spanish worded internet searches with not much success however I will be sure to give your exact phrases a try.

Many thanks.

Hello 33lpm and welcome to expat.com

Perhaps consider this as a two phase operation.

1.    Find and locate the stone.

2.    Find a separate haulier looking for work.

Steve, good luck.

Having bought building materials in Spain over a number of years which have required transporting, I have found that either the suppliers provided it or there were independent truck drivers working in conjunction with the suppliers ready to offer their services

Thanks stevetank.and johncar.

Had made enquiries down at Leroy Merlin in Malaga and they had intimated that they will try other transportation companies for me as it was working out €480 transportation costs for the stones which were  €420 themselves.

All the best w33lpm

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